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Ethical Conduct

Adherence to principles of
ethical behaviour

ACI has always considered ethical conduct to be a key cornerstone of the Financial Markets – as such ACI has always encouraged its members to acknowledge, respect and adhere to principles of ethical behaviour.   ACI is an active part of the evolution towards the new global BIS Single FX Code and the FICC Market Standards Board, for global adherence. We are proud to endorse this work and to be part of its history...



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ACI education is recognised globally, and mandated by employers across many countries as the certification of choice for front, middle and back office staff within Treasury.

ACI offers 3 tiers of certification – introductory level, advanced level and expert level, as well as continuous learning options.

Currently ACI certification is undertaken by delegates in more than 145 countries globally...

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ACI is an Association of Financial Market practitioners globally.

Currently ACI has over 9000 individual members from various institutions across the Financial Markets. ACI membership is represented across 63 National Associations.  This network allows ACI members to engage with Central Banks, Regulators and Institutions, not only within their country of residence but globally...

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Latest News

The FX Global Code of Conduct – Final Phase

The speech delivered by Guy Debelle, Deputy Governor Reserve Bank of Australia, at the FX week (Australia) 2017 Conference on 28 March,  reiterates the motivation for the work that has been done on the Code, why you all should be interested in it, and then update you on where we are at with the process and outline the way forward.

ACI - From Industry to Profession

 "In the financial markets, nothing is more important than trust. ACI is the world’s leading non-profit, non-political association of wholesale financial market professionals, and has a proud and illustrious history of involvement in helping educate and test individuals on ethical conduct and best practices."


Brigid Taylor
Managing Director ACIFMA