ACI Diploma

ACI Diploma

The NEW 2016 ACI Diploma

The new 2016 ACI Suite of Diplomas will replace the current ACI Diploma  (Prometric Code 3I0 009) by 31st of December 2016.

The future ACI education framework will provide a path way to achieve a higher degree of sophistication and educational achievement. The exact features and its framework are currently being designed and finalised and will be made public in 2016.

Within the new 2016 education framework, the current ACI Diploma (Prometric Code 3I0 009) will count for as two qualifications in of the new ACI Suite of Diplomas. The OLD ACI Diploma (3I0 009) will be equivalent to an ACI Diploma in FX  (Code 014) and an ACI Diploma in Money Markets (Code 015).

The new ACI Suite of Diplomas is comprised of several modules covering core topics of the global financial markets.

  • Diploma 1: Foreign Exchange & FX Options (Code 014)
  • Diploma 2: Fixed Income & Money Markets (Code 015)
  • Diploma 3: Asset, Liability & Risk Management (Code 016)
  • Diploma 4: Advanced Derivatives (Code 017)

Diplomas 5–8 will be launched consecutively in the future.

In order to be awarded the ACI Diploma a candidate must pass one Diploma examination and meet the eligibility criteria.


Objective and Target Group

The new ACI Suite of Diplomas builds on the ACI Dealing Certificate and the ACI Operations Certificate as well as on the ACI Model Code exam. It is designed to ensure that candidates acquire a deep theoretical and practical knowledge of financial markets with emphasis on currency, interest rate and credit derivative instruments, and the linkages that exist between those markets and risk management. It stresses the importance of best practice and market conduct in addition to technical skills. Candidates are expected to have acquired a solid grounding in the core subject areas and have the requisite skills in financial mathematics prior to matriculating for the Diploma.

The course is designed for the following groups:

  • Senior foreign exchange and money market dealers
  • Currency, interest rate and credit derivatives traders and risk managers
  • Corporate, institutional and bank treasurers
  • Senior operations staff (middle & back office)
  • Professional investors and hedge fund managers
  • Risk controllers (market risk and model validation)
  • Portfolio managers
  • Asset-liability managers



In order to become eligible for one of the new ACI Diplomas you either need to be a holder of the ACI Dealing Certificate or the ACI Operations Certificate or the ACI Model Code Certificate.



In each Diploma exam a candidate will be asked 90 multiple choice test questions to be answered in four hours. The computer based exams will be offered in selected test centres all over the world. The test centres and the way of exam registration will be published on the ACI website.


Exam preparations

Candidates will prepare for the Diploma exams via class-room training. Various training companies and business schools offer preparatory courses and are listed in the ACI Suite of Diplomas - How to Study Guide.


Register for ACI Diploma

The ACI Dealing Certificate is delivered in English and German language with Prometric (Code 3I0-009) and is a precursor to the ACI Diploma. The price is 350 € all taxes included.

Exam registration

pre-registration for the new ACI Diploma will open soon.

More information:

Please contact us, if you have any questions regarding the new ACI Diploma.


Disclaimer: "ACI takes no responsibility for the performance of any of the training companies mentioned on its website, and, as a matter of policy, does not offer accreditation to any companies that act as a supplier to the Association or its members'.