Promote the highest global standards in activities and products in financial markets

Board of Education

The Board of Education (BOE) is responsible for and advises ACI’s Executive Board on all decisions concerning formal education within ACI that is of an international nature. It proposes an ongoing strategy, defines the format and content, and also implements a marketing and communication policy of ACI’s education and examination program.

The BOE evaluates publications and study materials to be published under the ACI logo or in relation to ACI’s examinations, monitors examination centres or the relationship with the supplier of examination centres. It is an advisory body for all education matters of a domestic (national) nature. It advises all local ACI associations in the organization of International Dealer Seminars and it oversees the relationship with any Academic partners.

Mission Statement

ACI’s education mission is to promote the highest global standards of professionalism, competence and ethics in activities and products in financial markets through ongoing educational programs and examinations.

Board of Education composition

Voting Members:

  • Chair of the Board of Education
  • Regional Representatives
  • Chairman ACI Market Expert Committee
  • Market Expert Operations
  • Market Expert Regulatory/Central Bank
  • Training Expert

Non Voting members:

  • ACI Director of Education


Name Position Affiliation Country
Perry Savundranayagam Vice-Chair Board of Education HSBC plc Sri Lanka
Chris Howlett Representative Australia, General Manager ACI Australia ACI Australia Australia
Tamer Khalifa Representative Middle-East, President Interarab Cambist Association Arab African International Bank Egypt
Andreas Emser ACI Director Of Education (*) Frankfurt School of Finance & Management Germany
Daniel Varni Representative of the German Language Group, Precious Metals and Commodities Expert Basler Kantonalbank Switzerland
Othniel Kwainoe Representative Africa, President ACI Ghana Standard Chartered Ghana
Mervyn Fong Representative Asia, Managing Director ACI Singapore ACI Singpore Singapore
Oliver Madden Representative United Kingdom, Market Expert Operations Royal Bank of Canada United Kingdom

 (*) No voting rights


ACI Market experts committee

Missions statements

The Market Experts Committee (MEC) is the gateway between the ACI market practitioners and the ACI education programme, the MEC contributes to the relevance of the ACI education programme with its market expertise. At the same time the MEC advices the ACI Board of Education on the latest developments in global financial markets.


Name Country
Alan Malone (Chair) Ireland
Mohammed Madhoun Austria
Ton Kennedie Belgium
Sameh Khalil Egypt
Helen Hellstern Germany
Robert Kiacsek Germany
Henning Prelle Germany
Frederick Spahn Germany
John O’Farrell Ireland
Albert Prendiville Ireland
John G. Shine Ireland
Paul Tancred Ireland
Mascha Ketting the Netherlands
Veron Lai Singapore
Josephine Tham Singapore
Aladin Al Khatib UAE
Salman Hyder UAE
Oliver Madden United Kingdom
David Almeida USA