Engage with ACI Members to debate challenging issues of the day

Committee for Professionalism

The ACI Committee for Professionalism (CFP) at International level engages with the ACI membership to debate challenging issues of the day. The Model Code, which has existed for many years and is seen as the global standard for such codes, is designed and written by the ACI CFP. Additionally, the CFP offers guidance to professionals in a dispute, and is willing and able to provide suggestions for resolution. The Chair of the ACI CFP is sometimes called as an expert witness in certain cases.

Mission Statement of the CFP

The CFP is responsible for the Market Practices and advises the ACI Executive Board on all decisions concerning guidelines, both technical and ethical and also on professional activities of ACI members. These guidelines comprise The Model Code. It gives advice and offers arbitration services on professional disagreements or problems having an international character.
The CFP formulates and proposes policies and guidelines establishing the educational and professional standards for members of ACI. It produces specialized reports relating to market issues e.g. risk management, crisis management.

Committee members

Title Country Name Institution
Chair United Kingdom David Woolcock Eurobase
Member France Philippe Jeanne Natixis
Member United Kingdom Caspar Marney Velador Associates Ltd.
Vice Chair Australia Keith Sedergreen BGC Partners Australia
Member Luxembourg Luc van Laarhoven  
Member Switzerland Roland Studer Credit Suisse
Member Switzerland Andreas Gaus  
Member Denmark Jørn (Luffe) Sodborg Jyske Bank
Member United Kingdom Alan Scott Integral Development Corporation