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2018 ACI UK Dealing Simulation Course - Registration is open

ACI UK Dealing Simulation Course will take place from 22 - 27 April 2018. Registration is open. Click here to find out more about this fantastic, intense residential course.  To download a registration form, click here.

If you'd like to know more about this unique, immersive and intense learning experience for you and your colleagues contact dsc@aci-uk.com/


Industry Practitioners’ Guide to Today’s FX/OTC Markets

  • Intensive, hands-on, 5-day residential course – one of a kind
  • Fastest, most interactive, way to understand roles, relationships and trading dynamics in Foreign Exchange (and OTC) markets
  • Guided by market practitioners, undertake roles of Chief Dealer, Trader, Broker and Client in hands-on, event-driven, simulated trading environment
  • Learn from industry experts about current (and future) markets regulation, strategies, principles, conduct and compliance

Whether you want to improve your understanding of your work environment, further your career in FX/OTC financial markets or support continuing professional development plans with an accredited learning experience (CPD credits*), this unique Course will deliver an unparalleled insight into the interaction between traders, sales, brokers, prime brokers, customers, middle and back offices, risk, legal and compliance teams and regulators throughout the transaction life-cycle.

*Accredited by The CPD Certification Service for Continuing Professional Development credits.



Next Course 23-28 April 2018.

There is an exam at the end of the course and every delegate receives a personalised performance report that highlights each delegate’s strengths and overall commitment to the Course, providing invaluable insight into their style of trading as well as how they work as part of a team in a pressured and challenging environment.

Who should take this Course?
Run in association with ACI Australia, the ACI UK DSC is highly recommended for individuals wishing to establish – or to further develop – a career in FX/OTC financial markets including:

  • New entrants to FX/OTC dealing environment
  • Junior traders
  • Sales staff
  • Operations personnel
  • Regulatory and compliance officers
  • Middle-office teams
  • Brokers – and other employees of broking firms
  • Funds management personnel
  • Corporate treasury personnel

The ACI FX Dealing Simulation Course has been run successfully around the world for over two decades including Australia, Bahrain, Denmark, Hungary, Kuwait, Kenya, Malaysia, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, South Africa, UK and USA.

ACI Financial Markets Association supports market participants to understand, attest and adhere to industry Codes of Conduct principles and best practices. New Global Code Certificate (prove understanding of new Code principles), ELAC (ongoing attestation supporting organisation/industry adherence) and phone app (Code(s) at your fingertips) - download at links below - provide practical support to organisations and individuals.  Find out more  - contact oliver.madden@aci-uk.com 

Download the latest ACI Briefing here  for an updates on developments within ACI, centrally and regionally, and in the financial markets generally.



  • ACI Europe
  • Start: 04/23/2018
  • End: 04/28/2018
  • Location:
    Marriott Hotel
    DA6 7JZ
    United Kingdom