ACI Russia eFX Summit 2019

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    Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Tverskaya St, 3, Moskva, Rússia, 125009

ACI Russia will promote the next edition of the eFX Summit on October 16th, from 09:00 to 21:00 hours, at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel, in Moscow.

The first international summit on electronic commerce in the foreign exchange market took place last year, on November 20th, at the same location and more than 300 attendees, representing banks, brokerage firms, investment funds, large corporations and other organizations, participated in a very successful full day event, .

During last year event, a technological exhibition was conducted as part of the forum, during which several companies and partners presented their products. Also a seven-panel discussions was promoted to discuss the changes taking place on the market, regulation, modern technology, trading rules and professional ethics.

Considering the great results, it's eFX Summit’s mission to become a platform that brings sell side and buy side in the foreign exchange market together, a place for discussing the industry challenges.

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