ACI UK Dealing Certificate Workshop

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    London, UK

ACI UK is promoting its first ACI Dealing Certificate Workshop in London from 22-25 June 2020.

Run in conjunction with accredited ACI trainer Mike Sandler, (Full Value:, this Workshop is a foundation programme giving candidates a working knowledge of the structure and operation of major foreign exchange and money markets, the application of fundamental mathematics, an understanding of core products (cash, forwards and derivatives) and other skills required to demonstrate understanding and competence in these financial markets.

The Workshop will be of particular relevance to:

  • New entrants to dealing rooms/treasury operations (e.g. junior dealers);
  • Middle office and operations personnel supporting FX/MM trading operations;
  • Indivduals in fegal, compliance, risk and audit roles for financial markets.

More details to follow. To find out more about this Workshop and other ACI UK education/training opportunities contact:

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