International Governance Structure

The ACI takes great pride in its international governance structure. Our Management Board is comprised of senior volunteers from institutions in our regions, plus our Treasurer, and follows an established set of Statutes for guidance. The Management Board takes a number of important decisions, as suggested by the President Delegate, who acts in an executive capacity. The ACI Council is the global governing body that oversees all activity, and is comprised of National Association presidents and secretaries for each of the member countries.

The Management Board has created three main committees to oversee that most important components of ACI: The Committee for Professionalism, which governs our guidelines for good market practices and ethical conduct, the Foreign Exchange Committee, overseeing our view of major issues in the foreign exchange markets, and the Board of Education, responsible for the integrity of the suite of wholesale market-based exams, including tests on the ethical conduct components of our work. The Board also benefits from the work of the Audit Committee and from the work of other ACI Working Group (

ACI Management Board

The Management Board runs the ACI internationally, with members elected by the global Council. It is comprised of the Treasurer and three to five Board Members representing the regions and the President Delegate (as non-voting Member* delegated by the Board).

Name Position
Bruno Langfritz Chairman
Alain Strapart Treasurer
Roy Daniels Africa President
Perry Savundranayagam Asia President
Marc De Bosscher Europe President 
Mohammed Al Hashemi Middle East President

ACI Management & International Secretariat

Name Position
Kim Winding Larsen President Delegate
Rui Correia Director and Chair of Board of Education
Hayley Brooks Education Manager
Patricia Casal Iglesias Head Office Manager
Melissa Aguirre Head Office Assistant
Rute Marques Marketing Consultant

ACI Council

The ACI Council is composed of the ACI President and Secretary of every ACI National Association.
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