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Since 1955, ACI Financial Markets Association (ACI) has represented the interests of individuals in professional trading, broking, operations, regulatory and compliance activities in global financial markets.  Focused on three core principles of Membership, Education and Ethical Conduct, ACI is committed to supporting market participants to operate to the highest standards of ethical conduct and best market practice. 

ACI's suite of Code-compliance tools and services support market participants - individual and organisation - to understand, adhere and attest to 'compliance' with the new Global Code (and other internal, national and international Codes of Conduct), and to convert principles to best market practice.



This Certificate tests an individual’s understanding of the 6 themes and 55 principles set out in the Global Code and is an excellent first step to demonstrating adherence to the new Code and potential differentiator in respect of career development.  Programme is designed for market participants (defined by the FX Global Code) including the buy and sell sides, intermediaries, regulators and central banks, and relevant to individuals operating in front end trading, middle office, operations, compliance and risk functions.

Certificate delivered in English. Fee: 150 € (excluding applicable taxes).  Go to for more information or contact:

The ACI FX Global Code Certificate is complemented by continuing learning and proof of adherence through the ACI ELAC portal (below).


ACI’s innovative continuing learning and development portal monitors and measures adherence to multiple internal, national and global codes of conduct, including the Global Code of Conduct.  An effective complement to the ACI FX Global Code Certificate, ELAC enables individuals and organisations to keep abreast of changes and developments in the Global Code (and other national and jurisdictional Codes) and to demonstrate adherence to the Global Code on a continuing basis.

Highly configurable, ELAC can be tailored at organisation, team and individual levels to support specific attestation requirements. In addition to the Global Code, ELAC supports multiple national and jurisdictional Codes of Conduct, for example the new UK Money Markets Code – and, if desired, an organisation’s own internal code of conduct.  ELAC content modules can also be integrated fully within internal Learning Management Systems.

Contact 33 1 42 97 51 15 to arrange a demonstration of this innovative adherence and attestation tool. To find out more, go to


The Board of Education formulates ACI's global education strategy, and advises the ACI Managing Board on all matters relating to formal education and continuing professional development opportunities. The Board works with members, institutions, industry groups, regulatory bodies and academic partners to maintain the quality and relevance of its suite of accredited education and continuing professional development solutions, ensuring they remain aligned with current and evolving market standards.

To discuss how ACI’s suite of educational qualifications and continuing learning tools and services can become an integral aspect of you – and your company’s – training and development resources, please contact us. We will be happy to assist you.


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