Arbitration Service

Disputes and Mediation

In current volatile markets, professional disagreements may sometimes occur.

The Committee for Professionalism (CFP) of the ACI FMA is willing to provide advice on professional disagreements that may arise in trading.

We are specialised is assisting the management of parties involved in a dispute to resolve or settle an issue quickly and fairly and with a high degree of integrity and mutual respect.

With presence around the globe, the ACI FMA has been well-respected for over 60 years. Our Committee for Professionalism members are ready to assist in dispute resolution, and will use The  Model Code as guide. (*)

Enquiries & Requests

Download our information pack or contact us for further information, including:

  • Explanation of the Procedure
  • Cost of the Service.
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Over-the-counter financial instruments

All over-the-counter (OTC) financial markets and instruments on or off balance sheet are covered by The Model Code and Arbitration Service:

  • foreign exchange dealing (spot, forwards and forward foreign exchange swaps);
  • foreign exchange options;
  • money-market dealing;
  • interest rate options;
  • forward rate agreements;
  • interest rate and currency swaps;
  • bullion and precious metals

(*) Where there are local restrictions in force, or where differences exist between The Model Code and a Code of Conduct or similar document issued by the regulatory authority governing the conduct of those transacting business in the financial markets in the centre(s) for which it is responsible, the terms of the local Code of Conduct shall apply for transactions between institutions in that centre. Where differences exist involving transactions between two institutions in separately regulated centres, the terms of The Model Code should apply.

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