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  • Published Tue, 02/09/2021 - 01:38

We would like to share the statements made by our President and Chair of Board of Education about the ACI FMA Education programme and the ACI FMA Education video.

Statement from ACI FMA President:

"Since ACI FMA's establishment in 1955, it has been our commitment to work responsibly to benefit our members while implementing, protecting, and developing our three core values: Membership, Education, and Ethical Conduct. With these purposes in mind, it is with great satisfaction that ACI FMA is presenting the new Education videos that will reinforce the detailed work that has been developed in this particular area and that ACI FMA is very proud of. For almost 7 decades, ACI FMA has been representative of a challenging industry and, step-by-step has built a strong global Association and is fulfilling its mission."

Kim Winding Larsen

Statement from ACI FMA Chair Board of Education:

"The mission of our Board of Education is to design, deliver and support an Education program for financial markets that is a standard of competence in the industry. Our Education program has been substantially developed in the last couple of years and we firmly believe that ACI FMA is the right entity to assist market participants all over the world to enhance their knowledge and competence levels."

Rui Correia
Chair Board of Education

Download a PDF copy of the ACI FMA Education video Statements

Watch the ACI FMA Education programme video:

The videos are available on ACI FMA’s YouTube channel and present an explanation of the ACI FMA Education programme.

In the videos, viewers can find the program's global advantages, the educational products and services that ACI FMA has to offer.

Please click on the links below to access the videos:

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• Female Speaker: 

ACI FMA, as longstanding proponents and influencers of ethical conduct and good market practices to financial markets professionals, is committed to continuing to create synergies that help expand our expertise and the usage of our products globally.


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