New ACI FMA Chairman and Vice-Chairman Announcement

New ACI FMA Chairman and Vice-Chairman Announcement
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  • Published Wed, 06/09/2021 - 19:14

ACI FMA is pleased to announce the appointment of the new ACI FMA Chairman and Vice-Chairman.

After a meticulous process and respective endorsement at the Council meeting held 9th June, ACI FMA would like to share significant changes in the structure of its Management Board.

The ACI FMA Management Board, taking into account the ACI FMA’s Statutes, agreed to present a new Chairman and a new Vice-Chairman at the 2021 ACI FMA Spring Council meeting. Therefore, we are very pleased to announce that the members of the ACI FMA Management Board elected Stephane Malrait as the new ACI FMA Chairman for a term of three years and Perry Savundranayagam as the new ACI FMA Vice-Chairman for an equal term, with both decisions being ratified by the Council.

Please join us in welcoming Stephane and Perry, distinguished members and references in the industry, to their new appointments, wishing them both the very best and for successful endeavours in their roles.

Consequently, and with this effective transition, ACI FMA would like to commend Bruno Langfritz, ACI FMA Chairman for the last two terms. For more than 40 years Bruno has been linked to our Association holding several important positions within it, for his extensive contribution throughout this time.

His path started in ACI Suisse, joining as an ACI member in 1980. In 2002, Bruno joined the ACI Suisse Management Board and was elected ACI Suisse President in 2012, a role that he fulfilled until 2018.

After making a transition to international roles, Bruno joined the ACI FMA Management Board in 2015 as the ACI European President, and he was then elected as ACI FMA Vice-Chairman. The following year, Bruno stepped up as ACI FMA Interim Chairman for 6 months and, in March 2017, the ACI FMA Management Board officially elected him as Chairman.

Since then and until the end of August 2019, Bruno effectively managed the affairs of ACI FMA as an acting President, transferring that role to Kim Winding Larsen when he was selected as ACI FMA President Delegate.

ACI FMA would like to express its sincere recognition for the excellent work and achievements Bruno has made throughout the years, with his outstanding efforts and extreme dedication to the Association and its members. Thank you, Bruno!

ACI FMA Management Board




Stephane Malrait,

ACI FMA Chairman

Stephane has been effectively engaged with ACI FMA for more than 15 years, contributing to different projects. Since the creation of the ACI FMA FXC in 2010 Stephane has chaired this Committee, and he is also a member of the ACI FMA Crypto Working Group. Stephane has been a member of the ECB FX Contact Group working on the FX Global Code and has co-chaired the GFXC Algo and TCA sub-group looking at the 3-year review of the Code.


Stephane's work and involvement within ACI FMA has been recognised and in November 2020 he has been elected ACI FMA Committees and Working Groups Representative by the Councillors for this role within the Management Board.


In addition, Stephane Malrait has a strong background in financial markets. After fulfilling different leading positions such as FX e-Commerce Business Manager and MD Global Head of FIC e-Commerce in major banks, Stephane is currently Managing Director and Global Head of market structure and innovation for Financial Markets at ING Bank NV.


Stephane works with advocacy groups, policymakers, and regulators to follow the market structure and industry challenges impacting the financial market industry. He is also leading innovation activities in the capital market space within ING and develops external partnership with Fintech companies. Stephane actively contributes to industry working groups to represent ING Bank NV.


In addition, we would like to point out that Stephane has the full support of ING Bank NV to fulfil his new role as ACI FMA Chairman.



Perry Savundranayagam, ACI FMA Vice-Chairman



Perry’s interactions with ACI began in the early 2000s when Sri Lanka, his home country, was looking to grow its educational offering and develop local financial markets.


Perry joined the ACI FMA Board of Education (BOE) in 2011, and after acquiring the relevant experience, naturally became ACI FMA BOE Vice-Chairman in February 2015.


Subsequently, Perry was elected ACI FMA Asia President in November 2019 and decided to step down from his ACI FMA BOE Vice-Chairman position, to better serve his region.


As ACI FMA Asia President, Perry has been an active member of the ACI FMA Management Board for the last 1 ½ years and he is happy to take on additional responsibilities as the new ACI FMA Vice-Chairman.


Perry is a seasoned and versatile Capital Markets executive with over 20 years of experience in successfully leading business operations for a global financial institution.

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