Promote the highest global standards in activities and products in financial markets

Board of Education

The Board of Education (BOE) is responsible for and advises ACI’s Executive Board on all decisions concerning formal education within ACI that is of an international nature. It proposes an ongoing strategy, defines the format and content, and also implements a marketing and communication policy of ACI’s education and examination program.

The BOE evaluates publications and study materials to be published under the ACI logo or in relation to ACI’s examinations, monitors examination centres or the relationship with the supplier of examination centres. It is an advisory body for all education matters of a domestic (national) nature. It advises all local ACI associations in the organisation of International Dealer Seminars and oversees the relationships with Academic partners.

Mission Statement

ACI’s education mission is to promote the highest global standards of professionalism, competence and ethics in activities and products in financial markets through ongoing educational programs and examinations.

Board of Education composition

Title Name ACI National Association
Member Chris Howlett ACI Australia
Member Daniel Varni ACI Suisse
Member Elena Trimceska ACI Macedonia
Member Faris Ababneh ACI Jordan
Member Kennedy Bwalya ACI Zambia
Member Martin Runo ACI Kenya
Member Michael Guarino ACI Americas
Member Othniel Kwainoe ACI Ghana
Vice Chair Perry Savundranayagam Sri Lanka Forex Association
Member R Ravichandran ACI Singapore
Chair Rui Correia ACI Portugal
Member Sharma Rambocus ACI South Africa
Member Sladjana Sredojevic ACI Serbia
Member Tamer Khalifa ACI Egypt
Member Winy Tijono ACI Indonesia


ACI Committee for Professionalism

CFP (The Committee For Professionalism) is an ACI committee of Market practitioners that represent deep experience within all aspects of Financial Market Participation. The CFP is responsible for oversight and review of the cases and questions to measure delegate understanding of practicle applications suggested in the principles discussed in The Global Code of Conduct.

Additionally the CFP offers guidance to professionals in a dispute, and is willing and able to provide suggestions for resolution. The Chair of the ACI CFP is sometimes called as an expert witness in certain cases.

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