ACI FMA Management Board

International Governance Structure

The ACI FMA takes great pride in its international governance structure. Our Management Board is comprised of senior volunteers from institutions in our regions, plus our Treasurer, and follows an established set of Statutes for guidance. The Management Board takes a number of important decisions, as suggested by the President Delegate, who acts in an executive capacity. The ACI FMA Council is the global governing body that oversees all activity, and is comprised of National Association presidents and secretaries for each of the member countries.

The Management Board has created three main committees to oversee that most important components of ACI FMA: The Committee for Professionalism, which governs our guidelines for good market practices and ethical conduct, the Foreign Exchange Committee, overseeing our view of major issues in the foreign exchange markets, and the Board of Education, responsible for the integrity of the suite of wholesale market-based exams, including tests on the ethical conduct components of our work. The Board also benefits from the work of the Audit Committee and from the work of other ACI FMA Working Groups (



ACI FMA Management Board

The Management Board runs the ACI FMA internationally, with members elected by the global Council. It is comprised of the Chairman, the Treasurer, a Representative of the Committees/Working Groups, a Legal Advisor and five Board Members representing the ACI FMA Regions. The President Delegate may participate in the Management Board meetings as a non-voting Member delegated by the Management Board.


Bruno Langfritz

Bruno Langfritz



Bruno Langfritz is ACI FMA Chairman since May 2017, role that he assumed after several years of active collaboration with the Association, namely:

  • 2015-2017: ACI FMA European President and vice Chairman;
  • 2012 – 2018: Financial Market Association President ACI Suisse;
  • 2002 – 2018: ACI SUISSE Financial Market Association Member of the Board.

Bruno has more than 40 years of international management experience in Foreign Exchange, in senior and leadership positions, working for major global Financial Institutions in London, Toronto, Geneva and Zurich.

Bruno Langfritz has a CEO course from Kellogg School of Management (2011) and a degree from Swiss Banking School.



Alain Strapart

Alain Strapart



Alain Strapart is currently ACI FMA Treasurer and he is retired from the Banking sector since 2016.

He joined Banque Degroof in Brussels in 1995 as treasurer covering fx trading, money markets products and interest rates derivatives.

Alain Strapart was President of ACI Belgium for a few years and before 2016.

Prior to this, he was in charge of the Money Markets desk at BACOB bank Brussels and for a period of 5 years.

From 1984 till 1990, he worked as Money Markets and derivatives trader at Banque Nationale de Paris Brussels, being member of ACI Intl since then.



Roy Daniels

Roy Daniels

Africa President


Roy Daniels is ACI FMA Africa President since April 2020 but his story within the Association is long-standing and considers 20 years commitment.

Roy’s banking career began in Cape Town when he joined a banking branch of Standard Bank of South Africa. He was fortunate enough to start in the foreign exchange department, where his interest in FX began. Afterwards, Roy moved to the International Division in Johannesburg in 1987, before moving to Standard Bank London for 8 years (1992 – 2000). When Roy Daniels moved back to South Africa in 2000, his journey with the committee of ACI Forex began.

Roy is currently employed by Rand Merchant Bank (RMB), a division of FirstRand Group (FRG) in the role of Head of Trading for Sub Saharan Africa, excluding South Africa. He joined RMB in 2011.

Roy Daniels served in various roles for ACI FMA South Africa and as Chair, he was the serving Chair when South Africa successfully hosted the ACI FMA Global Congress in Cape Town 2009. He’s currently busy with his second term as Chair and will be stepping down in 2020.

His hobbies are golf and fishing and his passion is rugby.


Perry Savundranayagam

Perry Savundranayagam

Asia President


Perry Savundranayagam is ACI FMA Asia President since November 2019 but his involvement with ACI FMA is long-lasting.

Perry has been in banking since 1993 and in Financial/Global Markets since 1997, all throughout with HSBC. His interactions with ACI began in the early 2000’s when Sri Lanka, his home, was looking to grow its educational offering and develop local financial markets. It was a slow start but Perry believes that they achieved much, over the years, due to the dedication, passion and commitment of many people.

Bringing it forward to the present, as President for ACIFMA in Asia, Perry still sees this dedication, passion and commitment to this day. Even though the world is a very different place, with a different stage and different actors, Perry Savundranayagam believes that as long as there are people who are willing to commit their time and efforts to a good cause, ACIFMA will always remain a force to be reckoned with.


Marc de Bosscher

Marc De Bosscher

Europe President


Marc started his career in the banking sector in 1988.

After 2 years in the back-office, he joined the front office to be part of the Money Market Team. After 10 years, many currencies disappeared and Marc joined the EUR-treasury.

Today the EUR is still one of the currencies that Marc is covering, together with the Scandies and the Swiss franc.

Marc is a member of ACI Belgium since 1992, becoming Secretary General in 2001 and president in 2016. During the council meeting in Basel in May 2018, he was elected European President.

During his free time, Marc is president of a local football team and president of a local political party. He's married and father of an adult son and daughter.



Branko Petrovic

Branko Petrovic

Europe President


Branko Petrovic is ACI FMA Europe President since November 2020, but his involvement with ACI FMA started in 2015 when he was elected as President of ACI Serbia. Branko is currently serving the second mandate as President of ACI Serbia and will be stepping down in 2022.

Branko is committed to ACI FMA and has been actively involved in ACI FMA projects, such as participating in the creation of the ACI FMA Congress Blue Print Book, hosting the ACI FMA autumn meetings in Belgrade in 2016, leading the organization of an ACI CEE Congress initially planned to be hosted in Belgrade in March 2020, but finally replaced by an FX Global Code Webinar Program for CEE participants.

Branko Petrovic has an MBA from Alba Graduate Business School and 14 years of working experience in Treasury, Asset and Liability Management and Market Risk, working for respectable financial institutions in Serbia.



Khaldoon Al-Janini

Khaldoon Al-Janini

Middle-East President


Khaldoon Al-Janini is the ACI FMA Middle-East President since April 2021 and has been the ACI Jordan President since 2017.

He holds an MBA, and BSc. in Business Administration and Economics from the University of Jordan.

Khaldoon has more than 26 years of experience in the financial markets and ALM and he is currently the Head of Treasury at Arab Bank – Jordan.

Khaldoon is committed to ACI FMA and it's core values. Given the importance of training and knowledge, Khaldoon consecutively has taken the ACI Dealing and Diploma exams, promoted by ACI FMA. In addition, he contributes tirelessly to promote the highest global standards of professionalism and ethical conduct, via ACI Jordan.

Khaldoon is also a holder of STA Diploma from the Society of Technical Analysis – UK.



Stéphane Malrait

Stéphane Malrait

Working Groups and Committees Representative


Stéphane Malrait is the ACI FMA Working Groups and Committees Representative at the Management Board since November 2020 but has been a member of ACI FMA since 2005. He has been actively involved in ACI FMA for more than 15 years, contributing to different projects such as the ACI FMA response to ESMA on the “MAR” regulation or the Amicus Brief on Mark Johnson’s case to the US Supreme Court, among many others. Stéphane is also the chair of the ACI Forex Exchange Committee Working Group, a member of the ACI FMA Crypto WG, a board member for several Fintech initiatives, and a member of the ECB FX contact group working on the FX Global Code.

In addition, Stéphane Malrait is the Managing Director and Global Head of Market Structure and Innovation for Financial Markets at ING Bank and has a strong background in financial markets. Stéphane is working with advocacy groups, policy makers and regulators to follow market structure and industry challenges impacting the financial market industry.



Martin Liebi

Martin Liebi

Legal Advisor (Non-voting Member)


Martin Liebi is the Legal Advisor to the Management Board since November 2020.

Martin Liebi is the Head Capitals Markets Regulatory at PWC, he holds a Ph.D. in Law, a Master of Laws from Stanford University in the USA, and more than 18 years of work experience in the areas of private banking, asset management, capital markets, and investment banking. Besides, Martin is actively involved within ACI FMA as a member of the ACI FMA Regulatory WG, the ACI FMA Crypto WG, and as a contributor in specific cases whenever his expertise is required.



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