From the member to the member

Membership benefits

Why you should become an individual local member of ACI FMA:

  • Drives individual understanding of globally accepted good market practices with respect to ethical issues in the market, during a time of heightened scrutiny and market disruption;
  • Increases credibility of your front-office and back-office staff in the eyes of your leaders, colleagues, clients, regulators, board of directors, the media and the public;
  • Provides ownership of responsibility for conduct at the individual level and as part of the “first line of defence”, supported by globally accepted exams (if appropriate), and assurance at the second and third lines of defence;
  • Gives opportunity for strong contribution to the improvement within the industry on various matters, with the ability to strongly influence the future direction of the industry;
  • It is extremely cost-effective (both versus alternative forms, and versus regulatory fines/investigations);
  • Exams and qualifications are recognised in many global centres, with growing importance.

With its diverse membership case and global coverage, the ACI FMA holds a number of events, educational programmes, and networking opportunities for members.


Joining ACI FMA is joining a worldwide professional and multi-faceted expert team perpetually adapting to the fast moving world.


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