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ACI Belgium

ACI Belgium is part of the European region comprising the Benelux, France and Monaco. The Regional Executive represents our country in ACI's Executive Committee. At least once a year the President and Secretary meet with colleagues in the Council meeting.

By meeting with collegues from other Associations, ACI Belgium aims to increase professionalism and raise ethical levels amongst members while fostering friendship at the same time.


  • Members: 195
  • Since: 1955
Board members 
  • President: Marc de Bosscher
  • Secretary: Wim Schuermans
  • Treasurer: Stijn Van der Veken
  • Head of education: Johan Evenepoel
  • Board member: Katrien Baetens
  • Board member: Rik Dhoest
  • Board Member: Werner Driscart
  • Board member: Louis Philippe Lavigne
  • Board member: Wim Schuermans
  • Board member: Jurgen Triest
  • Consultant social events: Franck Goethals

To become a member of ACI Belgium you need to be working in a bank or financial institution regulated in Belgium and be active in one of the many activities of a dealing room or be actively involved in financial transactions (Ref. bye-laws of the Association).

ACI Belgium aims to be the leading association in Belgium representing its members to the corporate sector, the central bank, financial authorities and the press. The association aims to contribute to the professionalism and ethical standards of its members. To achieve this, the association will provide education programs.

ACI Belgium strongly believes in the value of personal contacts with the other members of ACI, The Financial Market Association.

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