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ACI Ireland

ACI Ireland is the financial markets association, members of which are in a large part engaged within the financial trading or sales environment in the global financial markets. Founded in 1973, ACI Ireland currently serves 270 members. ACI Ireland is part of a larger global association of wholesale financial market professionals, contributing to the market development through education and certification, market practices (The Model Code), technical advice and networking through business and/or social events.



  • Members: 127
  • Since: 1973
Board members 
  • President: Ger O'Brien
  • Secretary: Ciarán Barry
  • Treasurer: Enda Homan
  • Education Officer: Jonathan Weir

For the Irish community, ACI Ireland aims to bring its members and new potential members together in a business and/or social environment. These events include Speakers Events and regular social events throughout the year. Through the global reach of ACI, its Committee for Professionalism (CFP) offers a dispute arbitration service, as well as offering expert advice and championing best market practices through its internationally accepted Model Code.

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