ACI Sri Lanka

Premier Association in developing, promoting, and stimulating innovation in the financial market/s of Sri Lanka, by providing continuous learning opportunities and upgrading of human capital of all stake holders, thus ensuring greater financial stability, sustained growth and prosperity.

  • Members: 35
  • Since: 1983
Board Members
Mr. Rihaan Shakoor
1st Vice-President
Mr. Tivanka Damunupola
2nd Vice-President
Ms. Trimalie Fernando
Mr. Jakque Diasz
Asst. Secretary
Mr. Brian Joseph
Mr. Uditha Kaluarachchi
Asst. Treasurer
Mr. Bandula Herath
Committee Member
Mr. Ahamed Humam
Committee Member
Mr. Thilanka Geeganage

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Tel : + 33 1 42 97 51 15