ACI Briefing Q1 2016

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ACI Briefing Q1 2016

The ACI Briefing summarizes news and events from around the world and is distributed to all our members and friends of ACI.

This Q1 2016 issue includes the following stories:

  • The Challenge and Opportunity Awaiting ACI - In recent years it has felt as though ACI – The Financial Markets Associationhas been at a crossroads. In one direction lay opportunity, in the other, oblivion.
  • Positioning ACI FMA For Renewed Growth - ACI – The Financial Markets Association is looking at an exciting future as its Management Board places an emphasis on building stronger foundations within the financial markets community.
  • Images from Jakarta - The recent 55th ACI World Congress took place in Jakarta, hosted superbly by ACI Indonesia. Delegates were treated to a series of informed panel discussions within which senior and respected global and regional figures shared their insights on the challenges and opportunities facing the global economy and financial markets. With more than 900 attendees, the conference aptly reflected the theme of the Congress, “Value in Diversity”.
  • A Closer Look at ELAC - ACI’s e-Learning and Certification portal (ELAC) was launched one year ago and has been adopted by several banks, with more interesting in learning about its benefits. How does ELAC work though, and what are the opportunities for potential deployers of the portal? ACI Briefing takes a closer look.
  • Education Drives African Growthn - the Association’s President of the Africa region, Brigid Taylor, identified education as the primary driver of growth.
  • The Value of Membership: A Look at ACI UK - “Integrity is doing the right thing, even when no-one is watching.” So stated ACI UK President Morgan McDonnell at the recent ACI UK AGM and Dealing Simulation Course.
  • BIS e-FI Study Paints a Familiar Picture - A Bank for International Settlements paper studying the electronification of fixed income markets delivers policy challenges and conclusions that will be familiar to e-trading observers in other markets, including the suggestion that electronic trading and market making has changed the dynamics of the market and may be an “amplifier” in times of market stress.
  • Should Financial Regulators Work with Academics? - A recent research paper claims that the tools currently used by regulators to identify risks in the banking system are “not fit for purpose”. It further calls for a new and combined approach between regulators and academics.
  • Buy Side Voices Concerns Over Impact of Regulation on FX - US regulations have failed to improve the FX market in the short-term, according to the buy side representative at a discussion hosted by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC).

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