ACI FMA Insights Newsletter

ACI FMA Insights Newsletter
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  • Published Fri, 07/02/2021 - 14:37

We are delighted to inform that the 5th edition of ACI FMA Insights Newsletter has been launched and it's now available! 

In this special number, that celebrates one year of existence, please find the interesting input of Kim Winding Larsen, ACI FMA President, and the important contributions from Stéphane Malrait, as the new ACI FMA Chairman and Perry Savundranayagam as the new ACI FMA Vice-Chairman.

In addition, please read the statements from the new members of the Management Board: Jørn Luffe Sodborg, the new ACI FMA Europe co-President, and Khaldoon Al-Janini, the new ACI FMA Middle East President. Finally, in this edition, please read the insight from the ACI FMA Regulatory Working Group, and a detailed presentation of Anne-Maria Rothenstein, Vice-Chair.

The objective of the Newsletter is to bring news and updates from ACI FMA activities to all our global ACI members, on a quarterly basis.

ACI FMA are longstanding proponents and influencers of ethical conduct and good market practices to all financial market professionals.

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