ACI FMA's invitation to participate in an Online Survey

ACI FMA's invitation to participate in an Online Survey
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  • Published Wed, 06/23/2021 - 01:49

ACI FMA would like to invite its members to participate in a free online Survey.

ACI FMA is pleased to present to you an important assessment that we believe will result in the collection of significant data that will be of interest and use to the Financial Markets Industry and, for this reason, we would like to invite you to participate in this assessment and extend this opportunity to contribute to your members.

The National Australia Bank (NAB), Lumint and New Change FX are leading a global, industry-wide survey and benchmarking campaign – designed to provide detailed, statistical insights on the operating and oversight model that supports true best execution in FX. The campaign is being managed by The Value Exchange and HD Financial Consulting and ACI FMA has associated itself with this project, by promoting it throughout its community.

The results of the survey will give us the chance to compare the FX operating model and oversight with a unique and global pool of Industry leaders.

To participate, please access or copy the below link to your browser:…

By taking 10 minutes to share your own insights around your FX management and oversight, you will be helping to create a set of industry-wide benchmarks for how and where financial institutions can improve in FX best execution.

When you have completed your response, and data from all survey participants has been collated, you will receive a detailed scorecard of how your views compare with your peers - to help you see what you may be missing and to improve your planning.

With your support and participation, your feedback will also turn directly into action and Industry debate this year.

For any additional doubt or need of assistance, please contact

Certain of your collaboration and valuable contribution.

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