ACI Forex Denmark held its 62nd General Assembly September 19, 2019 in Copenhagen

ACI Forex Denmark held its 62nd General Assembly September 19,
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  • Published Thu, 09/26/2019 - 19:50


Mr. Kim Winding Larsen, formerly of Danske Bank Markets (pictured right) stepped down after 18 years as President of the Association. Kim Winding Larsen has accepted the position of President Delegate for ACIFMA.

At the General Assembly, Kim Winding Larsen was appointed honorary member of ACI Forex Denmark.

The new President of ACI Forex Denmark is Jesper Bargmann (pictured left) of Nordea Markets where he is head of the FX/MM Sales & Distribution in Denmark.

Other members of the ACI Forex Denmark board are:

Troels Greif Søholm Estrup from Danske Bank (new board member and new Vice President), Jørn Sodborg from Jyske Bank (secretary), Poul Erik Christensen from Spar Nord Bank (treasurer), Pia Brink Andersen from Sydbank (board member), Rene Simonsen from ICAP (board member), Jesper Rohde from Nykredit Bank, (new board member) and Michal Nielsen from Danmarks Nationalbank (observer).

Mr. Claus Nielsen, formerly Secretary was also appointed honorary member of the Association.

ACI Forex Denmark would like to thank REFINITIV for sponsoring our events in 2019.

ACI Forex Denmark has scheduled the next ACI Dealing Certificate course to be held on November 5, 2019 in Copenhagen.

More information about the Dealing Certificate course on the webpage:

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