Agreement ACI FMA and BODIVA for the Education Sector

Agreement ACI FMA and BODIVA for the Education Sector
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  • Published Mon, 12/14/2020 - 09:53

In November 2020, ACI FMA and BODIVA have established an important partnership for the development of the Angolan financial market.

The training and certification of financial markets’ dealers are essential tools for the acquisition of technical competences and ethical behaviour of these professionals, and the regular updating of their knowledge is necessary given the constant dynamics of these markets.

Therefore, ACI FMA (“ACI Financial Markets Association”) and BODIVA (“Bolsa de Dívida e Valores de Angola, SGMR, SA”) have decided to team up so that the participants in the Angolan market have the possibility to benefit from joint projects of these two entities, both with relevant experience and competence in the specialised field of financial markets’ education.

In the first phase, this partnership will offer candidates to the ACI FMA exams the possibility of sitting their exams at the BODIVA premises located in Luanda, therefore enjoying modern and totally adequate facilities for their certification requirements. The dates and times of these exams will be agreed upon by both entities, and then will be published soon on (available after selection of the required exam and country indication).

ACI FMA and BODIVA are also studying other initiatives to enhance the development of the financial market in Angola, namely in the field of training for the ACI FMA exams, amongst others.

Currently, ACI FMA has more than 130 exam centres distributed over more than 90 countries, but the Association specifically welcomes this partnership given the pioneering and importance that BODIVA has for the financial markets in Angola, in particular, and in Africa, in general.

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