FX Global Code: Additional Information to the New Version

FX Global Code: Additional Information to the New Version
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  • Published Tue, 07/20/2021 - 18:17

Read more about the FX Global Code new version and the additional information available at the GFXC website.

Further to our communication from 15th July on the publication of the updated version of the FX Global Code, ACI FMA is pleased to share a summary of the additional information that supports the new Code which is available on the website of the Global FX Committee (GFXC):

1) Overview: 

a) The Press Release: https://www.globalfxc.org/press/p210715.htm;

2) Information from the June 2021 GFXC meeting:

a) Agenda, minutes, slides and overview of market conditions: https://www.globalfxc.org/agendas.htm?m=61%7C414

3) FX Global Code:  

a) The new version of the FX Global Code: https://www.globalfxc.org/docs/fx_global.pdf 

b) A paper summarising the outcomes of the 3-year review (including tracked changes from the 2018 version of the Code): https://www.globalfxc.org/docs/gfxc_3year_review_outcomes.pdf

4) Adoption of the Code by the Buy-Side: 

a) The report on the effective means of buy-side engagement: https://www.globalfxc.org/docs/effective_buyside_engagement.pdf  

b) The Gap analysis template (part of the adherence tool kit) has also been updated to reflect the new Code text: https://www.globalfxc.org/docs/GFXC_gap_analysis_template.xlsm

5) Disclosures: 

a) The new section of the website dedicated to disclosures: https://www.globalfxc.org/importance_disclosure.htm 

b) Links to the templates on algorithmic trading and Transaction Cost Analysis: https://www.globalfxc.org/algo_tca_templates.htm?m=78%7C456 

6) Pre-Hedging: 

a) A report providing commentary on principle 11 and the role of pre-hedging in today’s FX landscape: https://www.globalfxc.org/reports.htm?m=72%7C427 

7) Public Request for Feedback: 

a) The submissions to the GFXC’s April 2021 Request for Feedback: https://www.globalfxc.org/docs/gfxc_request_feedback_april2021_responses.pdf 


Additionally, ACI FMA would also like to inform you that, in August 2021, the GFXC is expected to publish the report on last look practices, the Disclosures Cover Sheets and the submissions to their May 2021 Request for Feedback (on pre-hedging and last look). The translations of the new version of the FX Global Code will follow in due course.

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