The FX Global Code of Conduct: What the Industry is Saying

Image: Profit and Loss

Bruno Langfritz, chair of the managing board, ACI – The Financial Markets Association and David Woolcock , chair of ACI’s Committee for Professionalism are quoted amongst other Market Participants, in an article by Profit and Loss on the subject of what the industry is saying on the release of the FX Global Code of Conduct.

Profit and Loss, 25 May 2017

Bruno Langfritz, chair of the managing board, ACI – The Financial Markets Association: “As longstanding and active proponents of ethical conduct  in  financial markets  we  welcome  the new Global Code and the establishment of a single, global standard of conduct for all professional FX market participants. Through education, thought leadership and industry influence, we will continue to assist our members – and the wider industry – to embrace the new Global Code and other codes governing ethical conduct and professional integrity.”

David Woolcock, chair of ACI’s Committee for Professionalism: “We are proud to have contributed directly to the creation of the new Code and believe that it provides an excellent framework for ethical conduct that will continue to be enhanced and refined as market circumstances demand. As champions and influencers of ethical conduct and  market practice we support its adoption throughout our global membership and look forward to contributing to its continuing development.

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