New Director of Education and Chair of the Board of Education

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ACI Financial Markets Association
  • Published Thu, 08/16/2018 - 12:05

It is with great pleasure that I announce our New Director of Education: Rui Correia.

In the past, our current structure of our BoE has worked very well. However, we experienced a shift in the market and realized that it is at utmost importance to ensure immediate and bold reactions to modifications. We need to further professionalize and enhance our education offerings equal to our colleagues from ICMA and LBMA. Therefore, we decided to no longer occupy this position with a volunteer. We are certain that Rui Correia will execute and accomplish this strategy of ACI. To meet these high demands of our market, we need a Chair for the Board of Education whose priority clearly lies on ACIFMA & Education – which we find in Rui Correia.

Our new Chair of the BoE Rui Correia is also taking on the position of Director of Education. He has proven his professionalism, experience in education and in-depth market knowledge for many years and we were able to witness his skills first hand since he has started ten month ago.

We sincerely thank Oliver Madden for his work as Chair. He was incremental for our success in the transition period and he set the foundation for our new start in August 2018.

Please welcome Rui as our new Director of Education and as our new Chair of the Board of Education.

Rui and the Management Board are looking for a valuable candidate to fill the now vacant position of Deputy Director of Education.

Bruno Langfritz


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