UAE raise awareness for adherence to FX Global Code

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ACIFMA representatives met various institutions and public bodies in UAE to promote adoption of the FX Global Code.

The UAE Financial Markets Association, which is affiliated to ACIFMA, did a fantastic job organising meetings in Abu Dhabi and Dubai for 3 days and setting up an Ethical Conduct Workshop delivered to market participants on the 4th and final day.

Similarly to recent events in Africa, this session allowed attendees to understand the background and current status of the FX Global Code, as well as its objectives and challenges.

ACIFMA introduced its education tools for continuous training and certification on the Code, which we believe are absolutely essential for practical implementation of its principles.

Our ELAC portal, a tool for e-learning, attestation and certification on relevant industry codes, was demonstrated as well as our ACI Online FX Global Code Exam, both serving as excellent examples of how individuals can practice and test their knowledge of the FX Global Code on an ongoing basis through their continuing professional development.

Thank you UAEFMA for supporting this initiative !

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