Updates - ACI FX Global Code Certificate and ACI Online FX Global Code Exam

Image: ACI Financial Markets Association

Following the one-year anniversary of the FX Global Code, with immediate effect the ACIFMA has taken the decision to update the syllabus of the ACI FX Global Code Certificate and of the ACI Online FX Global Code Exam – adapting the suite of our behavioural examinations to allow for market practitioners to further demonstrate their awareness of the Codes’ principles.

In both, the ACIFMA has revised the pass mark for both of these exams (from 70% to 75%) and has reduced the number of the questions (from 60 to 40).

Updated versions of each syllabus may be found at the ACIFMA’s website, www.acifma.com

This announcement is the latest enhancement to the ACIFMA education suite of attestation and certification products that are specifically designed to support market participants meet their conduct commitments.

To find out how the ACIFMA can help your organisation to demonstrate adherence to FICC market codes including the FX Global Code, please contact ACIFMA Education at education@acifma.com

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