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Bank of Russia joins FX Global Code

3 months ago

Important news on adherence to the FX Global Code in the Russian Federation.

ACI FMA is pleased to inform that today, the Central Bank of Russia Federation announced its commitment to the principles of the FX Global Code. Please find below the press release emitted by the Bank of Russia.

ACI FMA Insights Newsletter

3 months ago

We are delighted to inform that the 3rd edition of ACI FMA Insights Newsletter has been launched and it's now available! 

ACI FMA Insights Newsletter December 2020

In this new number, you can find important contributions of the recently elected ACI FMA Management Board members and from the ACI FMA President.

Agreement ACI FMA and BODIVA for the Education Sector

4 months ago

In November 2020, ACI FMA and BODIVA have established an important partnership for the development of the Angolan financial market.

The training and certification of financial markets’ dealers are essential tools for the acquisition of technical competences and ethical behaviour of these professionals, and the regular updating of their knowledge is necessary given the constant dynamics of these markets.

The Global FX Committee met on 8th December 2020

4 months ago

Once again, the GFXC discussed important topics to Market Participants in the FX Market.

The Global FX Committee (GFXC), which promotes, maintains and updates the FX Global Code, met via videoconference on 8th December 2020.

Please check the Press release here:

At this meeting, Market Participants discussed the progress made on the review of the FX Global Code (which could be finalised by mid-2021), among others.

Settlement Risk in the FX Market

4 months ago

The Settlement Risk related to FX transactions is growing.

According to the 2019 Triennal Survey from the BIS, the volumes transacted in the FX Market have grown substantially and so has the Settlement Risk related to transactions executed in this Market.

The size of the FX Market implies that its transactions could be the largest originators of settlement risk for several Market Participants, so the Global FX Committee has acted swiftly and added this topic to the agenda of their last two videoconferences.

ACI FMA Announcement: New ACI FMA Management Board Members and Legal Advisor

4 months ago

For the past months, ACI FMA conducted a detailed selection process to enlarge the ACI FMA Management Board. The application process for the ACI FMA 2nd European President is now concluded, so we are pleased to inform that:

Release of the ACI Operations Certificate New Version

4 months ago

ACI FMA is announcing the launch of the ACI Operations Certificate New Version.

Recognised by National and International Regulators all around the world, the ACI Operations Certificate exam is a highly relevant qualification and of global nature.

The ACI Operations Certificate New Version - a precursor to the ACI Diploma New Version – is similarly organised across its five core areas: Financial Markets Environment, Foreign Exchange, Rates, FICC Derivatives and Financial Markets Applications.

ACI UK: In conversation with David Clark, Honorary President ACI FMA and ACI UK

5 months ago

ACI UK has talked with David Clark, Honorary President ACI FMA and ACI UK.

To find out more and to access the series of 6 videos produced, please visit ACI UK website or follow the link:…

ESMA’s Consultation on Organised Trading Facilities (OTFs)

5 months ago

ESMA has launched a Consultation on MiFID II/MiFIR Review on the Functioning of OTFs.

For ACI FMA, it is very important that the views of our European members are expressed in our proposed response to ESMA’s OTF Consultation, considering its awareness as well as its impact on their businesses and institutions.

Therefore, ACI FMA would be most interested in receiving the opinions of our European members and those of the institutions that our members work for.

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